YSL Museum

Communication Support - Student Project

Jan 2018 - Mar 2018

The company

Museum founded in 2002 where we can discover the fashion collection of Yves Saint Laurent creator. We decided without any hesitation to choose this organization for our student project because the museum has a rich subject of communication but also in culture and artistic point of view.

The objective was to create innovative and original communication support to present a communication analysis and enriching work.

My experience

What I did

  • Work highlights
  • Creativity
  • Innovation
  • Product management
  • Communication analysis

What I learned

  • Design leaflet
  • Design booklet
  • PAE
  • Video creation
  • Expert interview
  • Graphic tools
  • Autonomy
  • Teamwork
  • Project management
  • Methodological book


During this project, we can choose a multi-support for our communication strategy.

Choice of organization

We wanted to choose a major fashion retailer in order to understand their communication and economic strategy influencing our lifestyles. We, therefore, looked at the exhibition on the inaugural Yves Saint Laurent de Paris tour.

Choice of support

Hesitation: between a 'magazine' or a video on CD with a box and written support to complete the audiovisual support. We instantly chose the DVD medium, despite the fact that it was a more difficult and time-consuming task to complete the work.

This medium stimulates us because we could learn all the techniques of cinema such as editing, how to shoot a video, how to divide up a quantity of work, that we do not master in addition, etc.

We chose to enrich our project so we interviewed one expert at the museum. Our objective was to produce a report with an interview and a "guided tour" of the premises, to have a complementary vision. We met the museum’s communication officer: Simon Freschard. We worked with the communication responsible for the museum to understand and to know every detail about the museum, such as: the objective, the communication and the creator Yves Saint Laurent.

Also, we created a written document in order to have more information which is not present in our video.

Personal production

Design of the basic page inside on the booklet, cover design for the booklet, layout for the half of the booklet, design and layout for the DVD cover, writing for my favourite part of the Yves Saint Laurent Museum.

Moreover, on this project, I had the role of the project manager.

booklet cover

Booklet cover

booklet summary

Booklet summary

dvd cover

DVD cover

history of yves saint laurent

History of Yves Saint Laurent

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