Korean Smooch

Communication & Marketing Consultant

Sep 2019 - Dec 2019

The company

Distributor and importer of premium and natural foreign cosmetics. Korean Smooch is leader in France on its market.

With more than 7 years of know-how in "K-Beauty", Korean Smooch is the first concept store dedicated to confidential Korean cosmetics. Specialized in multi-brand sales (young, innovative, natural brands) around skincare.

Get Your K Beauty is a wholesale branch of the company. It is the leader in Europe in sales to professionals on its market. Specialized in distribution, advice, support and training to implement these treatments in your point of sale.

My experience

What I did

  • Operational marketing
  • E-marketing
  • Marketing strategy
  • Marketing analysis
  • Project management
  • Brand image
  • Content management
  • Reseller management

What I learned

  • Multi-tasking
  • Sense of priorities
  • Sharp organization
  • Planning management
  • BtoB communication
  • BtoC communication
  • Proactivity
  • Agile methodology


instagram post

Instagram post

I had the opportunity to be in charge of communication and marketing as a freelancer. I was able to offer my services as a self-employed consultant in communication and marketing in order to improve my skills in strategy and business development, while at the same time allows me to finance my studies.

For 4 months, I was able to work as a Content and Marketing Project Manager during which I was able to carry out numerous tasks and complete several projects.

website page

Website page

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LinkedIn post

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Facebook post

facebook post

Facebook post

I was also able to put my various qualities and assets to good use in order to best meet the company's needs:

  • My sharpened interpersonal skills, necessary in particular to cooperate permanently with the team but also with suppliers and resellers and potential future customers. I have easy contact, the ability to listen and a certain art of persuasion
  • My flawless sense of organization and flexibility, which I have acquired over time. I am highly organized and I know how to manage priorities. I am particularly adept at to-do lists, which allow me to multitask while always keeping the key objectives in mind. I also know how to deal with the unexpected, such as new urgent tasks, and then resume my planning without difficulty
  • Creative by nature, I have acquired a very good level of creativity throughout my studies through visual creation (Photoshop, Indesign, etc) and marketing (development of strategies, products, etc). My creative talents are very useful in the elaboration of communication or marketing campaigns for a product or a brand
  • Endowed with an analytical mind, I know the importance of understanding studies in order to be able to deploy effective and relevant actions associated. My curiosity is often cited as an asset by my former managers. I wish to learn and discover a lot in order to acquire new skills on a daily basis. Curiosity allows me to be dynamic and motivated in every step in my life.
  • Finally, my sense of responsibility and autonomy at work allows me to successfully carry out the functions assigned to me

For more information about this experience, feel free to contact me or to visit my LinkedIn profile.