Korean Smooch

Assistant Project Manager in Communication & Marketing

Mar 2019 - Aug 2019

The company

Distributor and importer of premium and natural foreign cosmetics. Korean Smooch leader in korean cosmetics market in France.

With more than 7 years of know-how in "K-Beauty", Korean Smooch is the first concept store dedicated to confidential Korean cosmetics. Specialized in multi-brand sales (young, innovative and natural brands) in skincare universe.

Get Your K Beauty is a wholesale branch of the company. This brand is the leader in European B2B sales. Specialized in distribution, advice, support and training to implement these treatments in your point of sale.

My experience

What I did

  • Operational marketing
  • Marketing strategy
  • Marketing analysis
  • Project management
  • Brand image
  • Content management
  • Reseller management
  • 360° communication
  • Acquisition strategy
  • Project management
  • Suppliers follow-up
  • Charged with influencers

What I learned

  • Multi-tasking
  • Sense of priorities
  • Sharp organization
  • Planning management
  • Creativity
  • BtoB communication
  • BtoC communication
  • Social medias
  • Sense of initiative
  • Brand management


blog article

Blog article

website page

Website page

I was in charge of communication, marketing and commercial as a manager assistant. During the internship I have many missions in the Communication, Digital Marketing Strategy and Business Development field.

I was able to offer my services as a self-employed consultant in communication and marketing in order to improve my skills in strategy and business development, which allows me to finance my studies at the same time.

For 6 months, I was able to work with polyvalence in different offices according to needs of the moment. I was able to carry out numerous tasks and complete several projects in collaboration with the manager and the designer assistant.

website page

Website page

website page

Website page

website page

Website page

Thanks to this experience, now I can understand the different process and links between each office with a professional view.

Also, I could recommend and operationalize 4 different marketing strategies:

  • Acquisition Strategy : used thanks to newsletter campagne, social media campagne, press campagne, and communication more visible and more interactive. The aim was to have an easy understanding
  • Strategy by identification: thanks to accessible communication (no gender, no ethnic, no age,... = 0 restriction and 0 specific profile). We communicated for all people who want to take care of their skin
  • Loyalty Strategy: with operational actions such as promotions, conquests, games, social media animation and dynamic
  • Proximity Strategy: with consumers thanks to skincare guide (easy explanations, accessible communication, playful visuals) blog posts to have a comprehension and an informative view with innovation / trend / usage / analyzed information; also gift to win, storytelling and discovery of employees and CEO
press publishing (elle)

Press publishing (ELLE)

Some results of my actions during this 6 months at the company:

  • CA + 50% vs year-1
  • +30.8% instagram followers
  • 25 YouTube videos
  • More than 50 blog posts
  • 1 press day event and 2 newsletters for journalists = more than 20 press parutions
  • More than 40 newsletters for consumers (BtoC)
  • Reseller: +37,5% vs year-1
  • Website update : 20-25 new product sheets online
  • Each week update sliders
  • Each months Limited edition and conquest (share on social media and on website)
press publishing (ouimag)

Press publishing (OUImag)

korean smooch press day

Korean Smooch press day (Paris, April 2019)

press leaflet

Press leaflet

press leaflet

Press leaflet

I invite you to discover those two (french) articles about Korean Smooch: Plein phare sur cet e-shop dédié aux cosmétiques coréens and L'e-shop pour les fans de beauté coréenne

Some projects were possible thanks to a work team with designer Marine Boitel

For more information about this experience, feel free to contact me or to visit my LinkedIn profile.