Chic Adepte Market

Communication Manager - Student Project

Feb 2018 - Apr 2018

The company

Start-up in the field of luxury and fashion where small niche designers sell their products and creations on the company's platform. Created in 2018, the year when I started to work for this company.

Chic Adepte Market is a marketplace (B to C) dedicated to designers and trendy boutiques in the fields of fashion, decoration, beauty, furniture and art design.

Its aim is to promote the beautiful boutiques that enliven city centres so that they gain visibility and continue to exist, but also to promote the designers, their creativity and know-how.

My experience

What I did

  • Head of Digital Social Networks
  • Website & blog animation
  • Digital communication writing
  • Corporate image

What I learned

  • Competitive intelligence
  • Editorial line positioning
  • Marketing thinking
  • Communication publications analysis


facebook post

Facebook post

facebook post

Facebook post

First-year for this company, that’s why I need to create almost everything with nothing in communication point of view: posts/feed, brand image, community, editorial positioning for Chic Adepte Market. The objective was essentially to create a clear positioning and brand image and created visibility for the company and all creators/designers. I was able to transcribe the brands' communication strategy on social networks mainly and in support of editorial content dedicated to the web punctually. To summarize, I managed the content of the brands' social networks and developed their presence.

I was able to create a few articles for the blog to introduce products and creators. Also, I was able to post often each week on different social networks, so I decided to create regular posts related to the actuality of the sector. I participated in digital marketing development, I created and managed a planning and I have been able to develop a hacking growth strategy. I was able to propose actions and areas for improvement, participation in strategic meetings.

facebook posts

Facebook posts

blog article

Blog article

website page

Website page

website page

Website page

During my internship, I also produced an internship report with 32 pages (3 months research), where I made a link between theories (lessons and scientific research) and operational communication data in order to have a reflection and analyse for understanding in a concrete way the company and the important place of communication. My result: B+ (15/20).

report cover

Report cover

report overview

Report overview

report introduction

Report introduction

For more information about this experience, feel free to contact me or to visit my LinkedIn profile.