Assistant Project Manager in Communication & Marketing

Jan 2017 - Apr 2017

The company

Cacolac is specialized in aromatized milk in Mass market (all super and hypermarkets). Cacolac has products sold in a glass bottle and in the canned bottle. Their product can be bought by unit or in a pack. The brand would like to have a younger brand image and younger target but with its high quality and authentic product, loved by consumers. The problem was: How to give a younger image to Cacolac while keeping its mythical aspect?

My experience

What I did

  • Head of Digital Social Networks
  • Website & blog animation
  • Digital communication writing
  • Corporate

What I learned

  • Competitive intelligence
  • Editorial line positioning
  • Marketing thinking
  • Communication publications analysis


product pack

The objective was to create a new product with a communication campaign according to a willingness to have a more young and dynamic brand image for Cacolac. To understand this, the brand image and communication of Cacolac in 2017.

Group production


Drawing made by Mourad Ahamout

We realized a full market study to know perfectly the trend, competitors and innovation for this specific category (aromatized milk) and specific sales outlet (mass market). We decided to create a product for children, easy to drink and travel friendly; perfect for the snack time at school or for a picnic.

The product identity: a yoghurt to drink in the cooler: "CacoFun", with a composition that is always 100% natural flavours, a product rich in calcium, which is necessary for children's growth.

The product would be quite different from the current product because it will be sold in the supermarket fresh food section with more consistent composition and with several flavours such as cocoa (classic flavour), chocolate-hazelnut, chocolate-caramel, chocolate-vanilla.

key ring

We decided to create Mascot and online free games and contest concepts to lead more children/consumers.

Also, we had an idea to create a collection of 6 key rings with this mascot to encourage children to have all. This collection will be available at the beginning of the new product launch and available in each product pack.

Personal production

newsletter visual

I created a newsletter campaign for Christmas according to the brand image and usual newsletter of the company. I created a visual and text for an emailing that will announce the new product.

I created a Leaderboard Facebook still in the brand image universe (in 2017).

facebook banner
advertising poster

Also, I created the design and pack for the new product prototype. I choose the features of the product (Product politic) and the material pack according to a need to preserve and respect the taste and preservation of the milk and the chocolate.

I was able to create a proposition of advertising for the street publication and presented my project to the company during an oral.

advertising poster

Then I made another personal reflection for a future launch: "Cacolac Bio" with organic cocoa and organic milk, because organic farming gives the brand a high-end look and is highly appreciated.

The organic market is very fashionable and has been growing in recent years with purchases of organic products (for food consumption and collective catering) increasing by 15% from 2015 to 2014 and about 20% from 2015 to 2016. This expansion of the range would give consumers more choice but could also target new customers. Cacolac Bio would keep its recipe "soft drink 100% natural" with a unique and inimitable taste but in an organic version.

For more information about this experience, feel free to contact me or to visit my LinkedIn profile.