Master thesis

Foreign Cosmetics

Mar 2019 - May 2019

My experience

What I learned

  • Operational research
  • Interviews with professionals
  • Literature research
  • Scientific research
  • Understanding of trust
  • Understanding of hygiene beauty market
  • Expertise of hygiene beauty market
  • Calculus analysis
  • Link between data
  • Conclusion with different info
  • Recommendations thanks to analysis
  • Strong knowledge on results analysis


My objective was to understand how to boost and reassure the foreign cosmetics in the beauty category. That's why I decided to axe my research on consumer and trust point of view. That’s why my Problematic was : How to reassure the French consumer about the quality, composition and origin of foreign cosmetic products?

During 3 months, I made a complete analysis to understand each point of this market and propose the most clever recommendations to improve the trust and the image (and then sales results) for these foreign products.

Then, I wrote 25 pages on my part named "design of research", which I made qualitative studies. This part is a field study in which I analysed 12 interviews in order to understand the points of trust where it is necessary to reassure the consumer. I have chosen different profiles of experts and people with the aim to have a concrete vision of the real perception. I will be able to exchange with sector professionals such as a communication manager for a company selling Korean cosmetics, saleswoman in a large perfumery chain, consumers and passionate of korean skincare, non-consumer of korean cosmetics, non-consumer of cosmetics in general.

If you would like to have more details about my plan, please see the image below.


The origin of the ingredients does not really make consumers doubt. Composition and effectiveness are at the heart of individuals' cosmetic research, so people prefer naturalness and quality cosmetics, which is why it is necessary to offer products of this type in France and give clear information on composition and effects in order to convince.

However, glocalisation has not been recommended or sought by any person, which is why it is necessary to offer treatments that are 100% authentic of Korean know-how. A Half of the respondents have no notion of the regulations for Korean cosmetics. The sellers or resellers of the brand, either one or the other does not seem to reassure any more. As a place resale strategy it is better to choose drugstore and pharmacies according to our study.

People are looking for rather informative information in terms of values and safety of products. 2 out of 6 people think that the brand's RSN and YouTube account helps to influence the test, which is not negligible even if they do not seem to really reassure 5 of our respondents. What we find is that customer opinions influence either half or all of the purchasing decisions, however the publication in the press does not seem to have any influence. does not reassure for a majority but Yuka type applications much more. Testing is almost obligatory to convince and reassure a potential consumer. Since testing as well as labels and standards are important and reassuring for the respondents.

The "wow" effect was often mentioned in many interviews (both enthusiasts and experts), we can say that it is one of the main characteristics known and sought after in this type of cosmetics. This is moreover what made the interviewees a fan. Moreover, the Korean natural cosmetics market can be a strong asset and stand out at best, in this period when a majority of people are looking for naturalness when taking care of themselves.

Finally, the lack of interest of a certain number of people needs to be compensated by marketing campaigns. and very attractive, and even different from what is usually seen on the French market. We are thinking of campaigns in the street as well as at the point of sale with the use of digital tools in particular.

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